Monday, May 11, 2009

About The Author

Since your going to be trusting me and creating some of the recipe's here I feel it's only fair that I give you some info about myself... I mean, you wouldn't accept food on the street from a total stranger so why should a recipe be any different right?

I was raised in a single parent home and by the time I was 10 years old, I was helping out with dinner. Before I knew it, mum would leave me a note on how to prepare & cook something if she knew she was working later than expected. I thought this was great .. I could make an incredible mess and as long as the food was good, I could excuse it hehe.. Of course, I am not going to go on about my childhood and the first time I successfully made pork chops. I just wanted to give you a little peek into how I came to enjoy cooking as much as I do.

I have gathered many recipe's over the years, my grandmother was a major influence for me as far as experimenting went. One of those women that was up at 5:00 am and already had three dishes on the go to serve throughout the day. I, on the otherhand, prefer not to rise with the birds. I tend to start cooking around noon, ok ... "noonish".

My hope is to share some great recipe's with you and have some laughs as well. The way I see it is, we all need to eat and we certainly need to laugh once in a while. So, if you notice some twists in my recipe's don't worry, I have not gotten into the sauce .. at least not while I'm blogging ;)


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